Star Wars Black Series 6" Action Figure The Last Jedi Wav 4-17 Full Case (8 Figures)


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SKU: ST#09

Star Wars Black Series sets out to capture the quintessential characters and scenes from the Star Wars saga — legendary moments in time brought back to life in excruciatingly accurate detail.
These figures are collectable in the Black Series Collection.
Full Wav Carton Sealed LAST JEDI Wav 4 2017:
1 x E8 Finn First Order Disguise, 1 x E8 Kylo Ren, 1 x E8 Maz Kanata, 1 x E8 Elite Praetorain Guard, 1 x E8 Captain Poe Dameron, 1 x E7 General Leia Organa, 1 x E5 AT-AT Driver, 1 x E5 Snow Trooper
Age: 6+ Years


  • Includes 8 x Star Wars black series 6 inch action figures
  • Figure comes with accessories
  • Collector Black Series ..Collect Them all!
  • Licensed product, Official Hasbro Brand!